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Start Developing with IntelliJ IDEA: Download the Free Community Edition or the Full-Featured Ultimate Edition

By the way, if you experience same case with me (working with corporate Maven repository), Maven may be ignoring an opportunity to further download javadoc if it once wasn't there. And to make it request it one more time, you have to remove --javadoc.jar.lastUpdated file from .m2/repository///, then try again.

There are two options for installing the toolkit. You can install from the Marketplace, or you can download the toolkit release file and install it manually. The following sections describe these options.

intellij download

Download File:

First, if you haven't already, download IntelliJ here. If you don'thave a licence for the Ultimate Edition, the free Community Edition is fine. IntelliJ is available for Windows,Mac OS X, and Linux. The current version of Cursive will work with IntelliJ versions from the last year, currently2021.3, 2022.1, 2022.2 and the 2022.3 EAP.

Installation on Linux: Similar to the above steps, select Linux on the download page. The name of the downloaded bundle was ideaIC-2017.2.5.tar.gz at the time when this article is published. After downloading:

Installation on Windows: Similar to the above steps, the windows installer can be downloaded from the download page by selecting the windows operating system and the required edition. After downloading, open the installer and follow the onscreen instructions to install it. After installation, a shortcut will be created on the desktop and the start menu to open the IDE.

Step10: Now, the setup will ask to 'Enable Auto-Import' on the bottom-right side of the screen. Choosing this option will enable the IntelliJ IDEA to automatically download all the necessary dependencies, which we will define later in the 'pom.xml' file.

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Go to jetbrains download page, select the latest version (on the writing date of this guide is the 2019.1.1) and install it as usual, dragging the app from the .dmg file to the apps folder of your mac.

Download the latest version of IntelliJ IDEA from the official website. The community edition 2022.2.4 is used in this article to explain the process but download the latest version and change the commands accordingly.

The above command assumes the IntelliJ IDEA binary archive filename is ideaIC-2022.2.4.tar.gz and it is located in the /Downloads folder. If your downloaded file is in any other location, change the command according to your path.

Since the Ultimate Edition provides additional features for web/spring applications, it is used in this guide.The Community Edition might work, for more information consult -environment-guide-with-intellij-and-docker-compose/1531.

That is the directory for 3rd party applications (ie. tar.gz installations). Mind that you can also use the debian installer if you downloaded those using dpkg but that also means you need to download and install dependencies.

Visit the official website and download the latest tarball for Linux from the website. Once the download is finished, open a terminal window, and we will extract the downloaded files to the /opt directory using the tar command. Just type the following command:

NB: keep in mind that versions of scalafmt-core and sbt-scalafmt are releasedindependently, their versions do not align. The version of scalafmt-core is definedin the .scalafmt.conf configuration file and downloaded dynamically.

If a version is defined in .scalafmt.conf, the CLI binary will honor itby automatically resolving and downloading the corresponding artifacts if itdoes not match its own version. Otherwise, it is recommended to put thisbootstrap script in your code repository to make sure everyone on your team,as well as CI, uses the same scalafmt version.

By default, the scalafmt instance automatically downloads the Scalafmt versiondeclared in .scalafmt.conf. If the version setting is not declared, theoriginal file contents are returned unchanged and an error is reported withinstructions how to fix the problem.

Before installing Intellij make sure that java 1.8 is installed and configured. It not the latest version of java but version used by SAP Integration Suite runtime. Then download Intellij IDEA community edition from the following URL and install it.

Apache Groovy version 2.4.21 is required to setup a project in Intellij. This can be downloaded from the maven repository -all/2.4.21. Or it can be downloaded and added to the project as a part of the Intellij project which I explain later.

If you want to do any serious development and testing work locally in Intellij or Eclipse you need to download corresponding jar files from SAP Integration Suite. Fortunately Ariel Bravo Ayala wrote a blog post which explain how to explore the SAP Integration Suite filesystem.

IntelliJ IDEA comes with a community & ultimate edition, In order to run the Spark application written in Scala, the community edition is just enough for us, so download IntelliJ IDEA community edition.

2. Select Setup Scala SDK, it prompts you to the below window,3. Select the create option.4. From the next window select the Download option and5. Choose Scala version 2.13.0 (latest at the time of writing this article)6. Make changes to pom.xml fileNow, we need to make some changes to the pom.xml file, you can either follow the below instructions or download the pom.xml file GitHub project and replace it with your pom.xml file.

From Finder, navigate to Application Utilities Terminal. Type git into the terminal and hit Enter. If you get a download prompt, follow the prompt. Otherwise, you will see a help message if git is successfully installed.


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