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Albert Corokin
Albert Corokin

When I started looking for professionals to convert my PSD layout into a responsive website, it was important for me to find a reliable partner who could provide high quality and meet my expectations. After thoroughly researching various companies, I came across GetDevDone and decided to try their PSD to Bootstrap service. This decision was a real godsend. From the first moment of working with GetDevDone, I felt professionalism and attention to detail. A team of experts not only converted my layouts into clean and structured HTML/CSS code, but also did it based on Bootstrap - one of the most popular frameworks for creating responsive websites. Thanks to the use of Bootstrap, my site now displays correctly on any device, be it a mobile phone, tablet or desktop. I especially want to note the simplicity and convenience of the process of interaction with the GetDevDone team. They were always in touch, quickly answered my questions and made the necessary corrections along the way. The project process was transparent and predictable, which allowed me to stay informed at all stages and be confident in the final result.


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