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Python For Dummies

String to append DataFrame column names.Pass a list with length equal to the number of columnswhen calling get_dummies on a DataFrame. Alternatively, prefixcan be a dictionary mapping column names to prefixes.

Python For Dummies

If you want to know whether a particular application, or a librarywith particular functionality, is available in Python there are anumber of possible sources of information. The Python web siteprovides aPython Package Index(also known as the Cheese Shop, a reference to the Monty Pythonscript of that name).There is also asearch page for a number of sources of Python-relatedinformation. Failing that, justGoogle for a phrase including the word ''python''and you may well get the result you need.If all else fails, ask on thepython newsgroupand there's a good chance someone will put you on the right track.

Yes. You can use get_dummies(). get_dummies() method does what both LabelEncoder and OneHotEncoder do, besides you can drop the first dummy column of each category to prevent dummy variable trap if you intend to build linear regression.

Decision Tree Classification in python: Now, we will implement the above algorithm in Python. For this task, we will use Social_Network_Ads.csv dataset. Lets have a glimpse of that dataset.

And now you are at the end of my AI course for dummies, I can say ex-dummies since you now know better than the 99% population of the world. This part is more like touch up for your ethics regarding the AI. AI is a great tool to make or break our future as human species. We have examples where people are using AI for good cause such as Health sector and not so good cause such as creating fake news and videos to influence elections. Together we can create a community where AI is used for good cause. Where talent is used for betterment of society. I was into ethical hacking before considering AI as my career path. I am also into open source so that is something you can explore in your free time. The world of AI is build on open source technologies. The Tensorflow you used? Open Source. Python? Open source. R? Open source. Also this will help to understand the concepts of data privacy, digital analytics and regression, and predictive modeling.

Congratulations. You are now well aware of the AI technologies. You can move onto your solo quest. If this article helped you reach closer to your goal of learning AI, give it a clap( 1..2..or 50) I will keep it up to date if time permits. Click on follow to read my upcoming articles related to AI for dummies. Till then, stay healthy. Peace out. 041b061a72


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