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Just like how the hair fibers look in the picture, the fullness of the lash and how it's like, thick every other section, is so good and you can clearly see it in when it's on the eye. Such a cute glam lash that gives volume without making the eye feel heavy and taking up the space of the eye. Don't really notice it's on my eyes unless I go out of my way to try to feel it or look up/squint. It's a great lash and a genuine staple for my every day lash looks, so it's no wonder this style is almost always sold out since others love it so much too!

Crazy In Love


For starters, he was a little late. He was also a bit hung over. "Oh my lord, it was crazy," is all he revealed about the prior evening's festivities. With two strikes against him going into a meeting with someone who was working on one of the most anticipated albums of the year, he played Beyoncé the sample and figuratively fouled one off to stay alive.

Beyoncé warmed up to the sample and then said something that, in his wildest dreams, Harrison would have never imagined, nor would he want to: "I love the idea," he recalled Beyoncé saying. "Now write the song. I'll be back in two hours."

Much has been written about the love affair of Jack and Suzy, most of it fed by gossip from her colleagues at the Harvard Business Review, but very little has actually come from Jack and Suzy themselves. Neither has seemed compelled to explain their relationship to the public. He is, after all, the world-renowned business titan who, during his 20 years as CEO of GE, developed what was once a simple light bulb and appliance company into a global manufacturing, technology, and communications giant-transforming himself along the way into a 20th-century capitalist icon who could do no wrong. She is a mega-achiever who has accomplished more in her two decades of professional endeavors-as a reporter, a novelist, a business consultant, and, ultimately, editor of the Harvard Business Review-than most people do in a lifetime.

When Jack and Suzy met almost three years ago, they had much that seemed good in their lives. They traded it-his wife, her job, both of their reputations-for what they say is true love. The result was a storm the size of which neither one had ever seen. And now reporters are calling again. Jack and Suzy are writing a book about business strategy. Jack and Suzy have bought a house on Beacon Hill. Jack and Suzy are getting married. Jack and Suzy are in the news.

Crazy in love, a fruity floral gourmand fragrance for a woman with a mysterious and sophisticated personality. An unexpected and hypnotic combination. The juicy notes of kiwi and lychee blend with a surprising accord of orchid and white chocolate. The woody and musky base offers a seductive side to this eau de parfum. The scent is unique, the trail is intense.

The music video for "Crazy in Love", shot in March 2003, was directed by Jake Nava. In the 2003 MTV documentary Making of the Video, Knowles talked about the concept of the video: [The video] celebrates the evolution of a woman. It's about a girl who is in a relationship. She then realizes that she is truly in love and therefore does things she normally wouldn't do, but she doesn't care at all. It doesn't matter because she's just crazy in her love. The video shows the singer in a series of dance sequences, beginning with Beyoncé in a classic white tank top, jean shorts and red stilettos as she performs choreography in a stark environment. After that, the action moves to the golden scenery of the photo shoot against the background of the panorama of the big city. The next shots show Knowles and her dancers in hip-hop outfits against the background of raw walls. In the next scene, Jay-Z appears on the screen and drops his lighter on the ground; a stream of fire runs to a nearby car, which explodes. Jay-Z performs his rap lines in front of a burning car; Beyoncé dances beside him before kicking a street hydrant a moment later. Then she continues to dance while water gushes around. The video ends with a scene in which Knowles, accompanied by dancers dressed in neon, short dresses, performs choreography in front of a huge windmill. The color of their outfits contrasts with the neutral shade of the background. One of the dancers is Carmit Bachar, former member of the Pussycat Dolls group. 041b061a72


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