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Ryan Gomez
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Masorotica Mean Brats Full Version

Dankyu was cycling for a good hour (maybe more?) and I'm talking INTENSIVE cycling, the kind where you really break a sweat! Her butt was wet and moist with sweat once she was done her workout. I could smell the sweat from a distance as I laid on the floor beneath her. With the biggest smirk on her face she was more than happy to help wrap my face between her butt cheeks! The smell of teen youth was so intense! She told me to wrap myself tightly for the optimal smothering experience! Dankyu was so excited to see how long I'd last stuffed between her sweaty ass cheeks! Her workout clothes were practically wet!You like how sweaty it is? Take some deep breaths for me please. Thank you. Dankyu tries a few push-ups to sweat some more for me as I deeply inhale her scent. She is really getting into it! She takes a few selfies to keep for souvenir. Hopefully she doesn't go showing this to all her friends. I can just imagine the laughter. Some deep breaths please. she says encouraging me as she holds the back of my head down into her butt. Good slave, good slave.Dankyu is a natural in front of the camera. Smiling, making funny faces, all while I smell and smother between her ass cheeks! Dankyu says in the video she doesn't want me breathing anything else! Guess that means she'll be keeping me for her workouts from now on!How long do you think you can last in there? 1hr? 2hrs? 3! Maybe like 5hrs! Maybe over night would be better. she ponders the thought of keeping me in there for as long as humanly possible! I could feel the heat from being wrapped in so tight it felt like a FACIAL SAUNA! I could hear her laughter before she tightens the wrap! She was just enjoying herself so much!'Dankyu's Edition' contains her own personally filmed selfie footage after the end credits with alternate angles and hot filming courtesy of DANKYU!

Masorotica Mean Brats Full Version

The sorority house party for the girls of 'Mean Girl High' rages in an adjacent apartment unit. This unit in particular houses the only 'male' member of their sorority house whom some refer to as 'Toilet Boy' or 'TP Face' (short for Toilet Paper Face).Located behind a privacy curtain in a darkly lit room is where 'Toilet Boy' lives. The girls are training him for future potty use. In the meantime he's used as toilet paper, or to sit on for breath training in order to become a full fledged toilet seat that can endure having school girls sitting on it for prolonged periods of time. The first girl to use it has it clean her bottom like toilet paper. Then sits on it's face using it as a 'human bidet' to eat her asshole clean under her uniformed skirt. At times she gives it the middle finger, points and mocks it as it smothers beneath her ass. She's a gorgeously cruel blonde who not only looks down on it, but mocks it. Once she's done sitting on it she'll return to the party. As for 'Toilet Boy' the only thing it has to look forward to is the next butt to sit on it's face.'Melissa's Edition' contains an extra camera angle. 350c69d7ab


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