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KIERA Chaplin, granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin, has been named the spokesmodel for designer Maggie Norris. The leggy beauty celebrated her new gig Thursday at The Plumm wearing bizarre jewelry: a tribal band of skull heads encircling her left arm.

Many factors contributed to the Insidioussuccess. The first installment was a leggy hit that created a large fanbase and the cast was back for the sequel. A PG-13 rating made it commercially-friendlyto younger teens who often look for something compelling to see duringthis back-to-school month. A Friday the 13th release date made sittingin that multiplex extra creepy and director James Wan was red hot comingoff of his last film The Conjuringwhich was a monster hit this summer opening to a similar $41.9M in July.It enjoyed terrific legs, strong word-of-mouth, and currently sits at $136Mdomestic and an amazing $271M worldwide.

Produced for a mere $5M, Chapter 2should shoot ahead of the $54M of its predecessor and become one of themost profitable wide releases of 2013. Studio research showed that theaudience was 52% male and 62% under 25 as teens made up a major component.The CinemaScore grade was a B+ which would be decent for most films, butis actually pretty good for the horror genre. TheConjuring scored a notch better with an A- while the year'ssecond biggest fright film, the January supernatural hit Mama,received a B-. With Insidious Chapter 2and last spring's Olympus Has Fallen,FilmDistrict has had a solid year beating out its peers at the box office.

A pair of leggy hits from August reached milestones this weekend. ForestWhitaker's The Butler crossed the $100Mmark on Sunday night. The Weinstein Co. release declined by 34% to $5.5Mspending its fifth frame in the top five and is now the distributor's fifthfilm to break the nine-digit domestic mark. The other four all went onto earn Oscar nominations for Best Picture - InglouriousBasterds, The King's Speech,Django Unchained, and SilverLinings Playbook. Meanwhile, the Warner Bros. sleeper hit We'rethe Millers became the first live-action film of 2013 to remainin 3,000+ theaters for six weeks. That marks exceptional staying powerespecially given how competitive the marketplace has been over the lastmonth. The pot smuggling comedy slipped 30% to $5.4M for $131.6M to dateand will soon become Jennifer Aniston's highest-grossing film in a leadrole.

Sony released a new fan cut of the boy band concert doc OneDirection: This Is Us and saw the title slip by 39% to $2.5Mgiving the teen girl magnets $27M to date. Studio stablemate Elysiumfollowed with $2.1M, down 33%, and a total of $88.4M. Rounding out thetop ten was the fantasy offering Percy Jackson:Sea of Monsters which slipped 22% to $1.9M putting Fox at $62.1M.

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